Drama For Life / Wits University, Johannesburg


CTAOP is the lead funder for this ambitious project designed to combine UCLA’s successful Sex Squad program with DFL’s existing arts-based methodology to create the DRAMA FOR LIFE AMP! Initiative.  This project engages youth and communities in a health program rooted in local context and culture.  They harness the power of personal storytelling, peer to peer relationships, and arts as a language to break down walls, reduce stigma, and start honest community dialogues around sex, gender, and the complicated social environment that South African teens face today.

Why they are innovative

 This multi-layered initiative not only reaches young people in schools and communities, but also aims to influence the communities in their support of sexual and reproductive health, while also providing accredited courses, train the trainer models, and upper level education to Wits University students. The use of applied arts to assist young people in navigating safe sex is an area that is underrated in terms of impact, and the aim is to document this impact to inform and encourage innovative comprehensive programs.

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