MTV Shuga Peer Education Program (facilitated by MTV Staying Alive Foundation) / Participating CTAOP Program Partners include dlalanathi (KwaZulu-Natal), the Department of Social Responsibility (Eastern Cape), and Drama For Life (Gauteng)


The MTV Shuga Peer Education Program is a partnership with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation. In the program, peer educators learn how to use the popular teen drama MTV Shuga as a jumping off point to discuss themes addressed in the show such as safe sex practices in relationships, gender and sexual equality, and stigma.

Why they are innovative

MTV Shuga is a multi-channel campaign focusing on positive sexual health messaging for young people, with a television drama series as its central feature. The realistic storylines of the characters speak directly to challenges in the lives of young South Africans. MTV Shuga provides a launchpad to start dialogue around tough issues that adolescents can explore, learn from, and ultimately define their own rules for how they want to be in the world and in relationships.

Watch MTV Shuga in action

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